design engineering
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What We Do

Ferrum Engineers to Globally..

Why Ferrum Engineers

Our real value is in helping clients deal with large-scale, complex projects, by being their own extended office, through hands-on participation and training. We use an innovative methodology that delivers creative and accelerated engineering solutions.

Who We Are

About Our Company

Ferrum Engineering is a Indian based global leader in providing quality end to end steel and concrete detailing and design solutions, including preconstruction modeling and design coordination, structural and miscellaneous steel detailing, connection design and stair engineering, concrete and rebar detailing, panel book detailing, estimate modeling and fabrication estimates, and more.

About Michael.

Our Vision

To become a successful structural steel service provider, by offering world class quality services to customers, in turn to become one of the best and biggest service provider around the globe.

Our Mission

To provide the overall industry best quality of drawings on time with the value engineering to save fabrication and erection time and cost to the steel fabricators.

Our Values

To Focusing on our client’s advice. Believe in the our mission. Supporting our top management to achieve their vision. Moreover we are always focused on our client requirements.